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Adulting 101: 4 Financial Lessons for Young People

10/15/21 9:00 AM

Growing up comes with many perks, like living life by your own rules, buying a car, getting a job, living with friends and so much more. While it’s easy to get carried away by the benefits, there are also some financial realities that young adults are faced with as they transition into adulthood.

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Economic Update: Housing Market

10/11/21 11:26 AM

Existing home sales fell 2.0 percent in August, according to the National Association of Realtors. That was a slightly larger decrease than analysts expected but the miss was mainly a result of the previous month’s gain being revised higher.

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Third Quarter Market Wrap-up from John Slavic

10/8/21 8:00 AM

For more than a year, the markets have been fueled by low interest rates, quantitative easing (the Federal Reserve injecting money into the economy) and stimulus and relief legislation from the Federal government aimed at easing the cost of the shutdown following COVID. About two months ago, the Fed began signaling that both quantitative easing and low rates would begin reverse course, and further stimulus from the Federal government seemed to be stalled with the much-debated Infrastructure Bill being bogged down in Congress. Both sources of easy money seemed to be running out of steam to keep the engine of the economy and the stock market running in high gear. Consequently, the market has been choppy over the last month or so, with more down days than up.

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Economic Update: Household Net Worth

10/4/21 8:00 AM

The Federal Reserve recently released the Flow of Funds (Z.1) data for the second quarter of 2021. Among the many things contained within the report, the Fed revealed that U.S. household (and non-profit group) net worth rose by $5.8 trillion in Q2 to a total of $141.7 trillion, a 4.3 percent quarter-over-quarter jump and a new all-time high.

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Investing in the Stock Market: Basics You Need to Know

10/1/21 9:00 AM

Saving for retirement is a concern for many, and while there are multiple ways to establish and maintain savings for your future, investing in the stock market is only one of them.

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Economic Update: Consumer Spending Outlook

9/27/21 8:00 AM

The American consumer remained resilient in the face of heightened uncertainty in August, according to the latest retail sales report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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The End of Social Security: What it Means for Your Retirement

9/24/21 9:01 AM

The recent news of declining Social Security Administration funding has many Americans concerned for their retirement.

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Economic Update: Inflation and Labor Cost

9/20/21 8:00 AM

Small business owner optimism rebounded in August, according to the latest NFIB survey. Specifically, the headline sentiment gauge rose to 100.1 last month, the 2nd-highest reading of 2021 to date.

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7 Types of Insurance to Protect Your Nest Egg

9/17/21 9:00 AM

Insurance policies serve as a financial safeguard for your assets in the case of an accident. They are also an important component to any financial foundation.

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Economic Update: Labor Market Recovery

9/13/21 8:00 AM

The latest monthly job report from the U.S. Labor Department was recently released and it confirmed that the pandemic remains the greatest obstacle in the way of a full labor market recovery.

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